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Flexible Ice Blankets to Suit ICEEPAK Vests (Set/4)



Product Code: ICEV-REFILL

The Flexible Ice Blanket - Set of 4 - for use with the ICEEPAK COOLING ICE VEST are made up of separate cells which distribute the cold evenly eliminating any hot spots. Unlike traditional gel and ice / cold packs the ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ system will continue to work even if several cells are ruptured as only a minimal percentage of the chill factor is lost.

Unlike crystals which need to be soaked, the ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ does not need to be hydrated and will not absorb any spills. It can be washed with mild detergent or bleach after each use avoiding any build up of germs and bacteria causing odours. Just place back in your freezer overnight ready to be used again and again. ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ will last for years when due care is taken.


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Flexible Ice Blankets to Suit ICEEPAK Vests (Set/4) - Code: ICEV-REFILL

  • Distributes cold evenly eliminating any hot spots
  • More sanitary than ice, is non-absorbent so bacteria can't grow
  • HACCP approved non-toxic food grade film
  • Re-usable over and over again
  • Easy to clean
  • Washable in mild detergent/bleach
  • Water in Flexible Ice Blanket is clean and sterile
  • Ultra Violet treatment to inactivate microorganisms
  • Culligan water filtration system for purity
  • Will not contaminate food if ruptured
  • UV-treated water has not been chemically treated
  • Can be placed directly on skin for swelling
  • Protects as a cushion, withstands 60psi
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